Galtier confident Messi’s performance this season

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Paris Saint-Germain manager Christoph Galtier believes Argentine star Lionel Messi will have the best season After life in France settled on monkeys.

Messi’s poor performance last season moved from Barcelona, ​​which Galtier sees because it takes time to adjust to his new life on and off the pitch. 

But this season, Galtier believes Messi will show his best form after preparing well with the team in pre-season. And recently scored a beautiful somersault shot in the ufabet game that PSG defeated Claire Monk foot 5-0 last weekend. 

Galtier said of Messi: “Leo has a clear and tactical understanding of the tactics. He quickly saw where he needed to play.”

“He had a slightly difficult season last year because he needed to adapt to the changes in lifestyle.”

“From the moment he has a full pre-season this season. life begins to fit Including being in the club and teammates There’s no reason Leo doesn’t have a great season.

In the year since, the move has made a big mark on his former club in Spain and his new club in France, while Messi’s future after the 2022-23 season looks cloudier than ever, too. His contract with PSG expires on June 30, 2023, though there is an option to extend it for another season. But before we get there, ESPN’s Sam Marsden and Julien Laurens explain how we got here.