“How to Color Your Hair at Home, Lasting Long Color “

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Hair coloring is a normal thing for women today. Dyeing your hair each time is often expensive. And takes quite a long time to do. Even if you are a person who does not have time, it is difficult. There are probably many people who are interested in how to color your hair by yourself. But for newbies who are just entering the hair color industry for the first time, how do you start? DIY INSPIRE NOW has a simple way to color your hair at home.

How to dye your hair at home No need to pay expensive

How to dye your hair, How to dye your hair yourself
  • Prepare the equipment before dyeing your hair.

First of all, before you can dye your own hair, we have to prepare various tools. Complete it first. Whether it is hair dye, color mixing container, Vaseline brush or baby oil, towel, veil, hat, plastic gloves, hairpins and hairbrush, while choosing hair color in addition to personal preferences. You should choose to suit your skin tone. 

For the amount of hair dye used, it should be considered the main hair condition. If women have thick hair or thick hair, prepare at least 2 boxes of hair dye to be spread over the head. The tip how important it is colour hair, remember to wash your hair before dyeing for 1-2 days so that the hair oil, hair dye is the tips to make it easy to do hair curling the volume should stay before I should not.

Dye your hair immediately after curling. And finally, we should test if we are allergic to the chemicals of the hair dye or not. By trying to paint and dye on the arm If itching occurs Red swelling, try changing the brand of the dye better.

8 steps to dye your hair yourself

  1. Bring a veil or towel to cover your shoulders. Prevents the body from staining of hair dye. Try to get an old shirt to wear instead. Because if the shirt is stained with hair dye. It will be difficult to wash off.
  2. Apply Vaseline or baby oil around the ears. Along the face frame around the scalp To prevent the color from sticking to the skin. Which if soiled, it can be washed off. But it may take several days.
  3. Mix the hair dye onto the prepared container. Usually, fabric dye contains a tube of cream of hair dye and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. You can mix them according to the instructions on the box. Mix it up to get the right amount for your scalp. Because some people have quite thick hair. When it comes to re-mixing it will take time. And sometimes can get a different light color So mix it up to get just the right amount in one go.
How to dye your hair, How to dye your hair yourself
  1. Put on plastic gloves. Comb your hair, layering hair Using a clip to divide it into layers In case of having thick hair
  2. When coloring, apply color to the ends of the hair before the root of the hair. The roots of the hair are often heated by the scalp. Causing the color to be lighter. Than the end by coloring in the hair layers. Then put on a hat to cover your hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes, depending on the needs that you want to get the dark color. And then gradually washed off
  3. When rinsing off the hair color, pour water or spray it over your entire head, in case some areas where we can’t see it may cause the hair color to spread evenly. The water spray will allow some of the hair dye to spread evenly across the entire head. Including the point that we cannot see
  4. When washing your hair, you don’t have to wash your hair with shampoo or conditioner. 
  5. When finished, if there is any remaining hair dye Don’t leave To prevent in case the hair dye on the head is not all over We can come back and dye it again.