“Women And Beauty” How Do women Help Them Look Beautiful?

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Women and beauty, today, cosmetics and the evolution of beauty techniques have made almost every woman beautiful. Unless she is completely ugly A woman with a flat nose can shade a prominent nose. From appearance, appearance, manners, speech, facial expression, eyesight, emotional expression, etc.

How do women help them look beautiful?

1. Exterior

            1.1 Dress code   No one can choose to be a beautiful woman. Short neck should not be worn with a stand collar. Fat people should not wear big flowers and sloppy flowers. There is always an author in women’s magazines. Until it does not need to be repeated Just encourage them to practice.

            1.2 cleanliness,   Nails are clean, not applied, look better than nails that have already been applied to scratch. The bath smells of mild soap. More attractive than a pungent perfume that tries to cover up the body odor.

            Tropical people have to wash their hair at least 2-3 days / time. Who doesn’t believe? Try smelling someone close to the pool for more than 3 days and then see. 

            Shoes can be a powerful deterrent to a woman’s beauty. Dirty shoes, worn heels can easily make a woman look beautiful. When I was young, my teacher taught me that We get to know a person well if we see their shoes and toilets.

            1.3 Cosmetics. Young women have full, radiant body. Therefore has natural beauty No need to use cosmetics. Or if it is to be used, it should be used as little as possible and as thin as possible, otherwise it will look like a chicken to the mother fish. No need for expensive cosmetics. But it must be a kind that is reliable that will not cause harm to the skin and face. May try to apply other areas of the skin first, such as on the arm and leave it overnight. If there is no reaction, it means that it can be applied on the face.

            American dermatologist Jay Bedford Chesmeir suggested in a recent book in 1975 that the most important aspect of skin treatment is: Skin cleanliness and hydration He recommends preserving the skin using colorless and odorless soap. Which usually includes the baby soap Women should use anti-moisture cream. (Moisturizing Cream) Apply regularly after bath. And he said In addition to the morning and evening time Sunlight is the enemy of the skin of every woman in the world.

            1.4 Clothes   The most beautiful shirt in the shop may look the most miserable if the wearer is inappropriate. Likewise, the most beautiful women may look most miserable if they wear inappropriate clothes.

            Fine tailoring is more important than the price of a fabric. Therefore, even not rich can be beautiful. Today the values ​​have changed. Ready-made shirts are becoming more popular. The advantage is that buyers have the opportunity to try on first. But the disadvantage is Some of the workmanship is not exquisite. In addition, ready-made shirts are often ahead of fashion. Making it obsolete faster than plain clothes

            If you want to save money, you can wear a half-body skirt, which has two sets of alternating colors, which is like having four sets, and if you use a scarf, a belt and a clasp, it will help make it look like there are multiple outfits, such as one blue shirt. Can be with black, white, gray, brown or dark green skirts, change the scarf to gold, red, green, etc. The scarf may be custom made by using beautiful fabric sew on a small hem as a long addition.

            The main dress code is clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes and belts. That is, everything that is on that person’s body. There must be no more than 3 total colors, and they must be compatible. Not wearing a red skirt or a pink shirt

            Many Thai women refuse to wear clothes repeatedly. Indeed, a person whose heart grows up, is brave and has self-confidence, will not suffer from wearing the same clothes. But a narcissist is like a baby. The prodigal, the cowardly, the lack of self-confidence A person with inferiority must find a way to compensate by dressing. People have nothing outstanding, there is only one. There is money to buy clothes, etc. These people wear clothes repeatedly.

            However, the dress code shows good taste and is appropriate for the status, age and opportunity, inevitably makes the person comfortable and the determination to connect with others. Dress code is therefore important and has an indirect influence on the mind.

            1.5 Furnishings Whether scarves, belts, brooches or jewelry such as necklace, ring, etc., if used together will help enhance the external personality. But if using too many pieces, such as wearing rings on both hands, necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, plus a dazzling clasp Wear shiny glasses In addition to cluttering the eyes of the audience It also indicates the author’s taste.

            Glasses are a decoration for external organs that have some influence. Different types of glasses can make the wearer the same Looks like a dignified sage, or looks just dumb and unfashionable anywhere. And if running in fashion and forgetting to look in the mirror and see your own face Eyeglasses can be a pretty immediate beauty deterrent.

 2. Maintain health

       Between a thin and pale woman, with dry hair, and a dry, sorrowful eye Tiredness With a woman with a flushed skin Shiny, shiny hair, glowing eyes, looking cheerful and lively. Who is the beauty? The author would not have to answer. F, therefore, women must maintain their health and keep them healthy and look fresh. It has four health effects:

            2.1 Food   : Some 50 baht per dish may have lower health value than others, which cost only 10 baht. A diet that is healthy and balanced, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and meat. It is very valuable to beauty. But foods such as fat, flour and sugar, which include all kinds of desserts, ice cream, chocolate, cakes, cookies and soft drinks, are an unforgivable enemy of beauty. But surprisingly, this food still sells so well that the owner of the shop is already many millionaires. Always remind yourself that A piece of cake makes 40 calories fatter, the more fatter you consume 10 per day.

            2.2 Exercise   Many people are overweight or too skinny. Or not as strong as it should be because of not exercising Almost everyone claims that there is no real time, exercise doesn’t need much time. But have to do it regularly People do not want to get fat, do not use the downward lifts. Walk down the whole floor Park the car far away from the office. Will be able to walk some exercise Anything to pick up, then walk to pick it up. Like calling for servants or looking for their children to pick them up Otherwise after middle age it will become a walking garlic jar.

            2.3 Sleep and rest   People who do not sleep enough or work hard, do not rest enough to look tired and not bright, but too much sleep can cause obesity. And see the eyelids swollen Many studies in the United States have found that Each human being needs different sleep times. In general, children need more time to sleep than adults. But adults of the same age may need different amounts of time to sleep. Some people sleep only 6 hours a night, but some people sleep less than 8 hours a day to be tired, frustrated, and therefore need to observe their sleep time needs. We will know that there is not enough sleep. When we have drowsiness, weakness, irritability, dull skin and eyes, constipation, etc.

            2.4 Emotions and minds Women who are anxious, depressed, frustrated, angry, jealous, selfish, heartless, heartless, etc. have never looked beautiful. Emotions also influence the health of almost all body systems, such as constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, rash, chest pain, missing menstruation, etc.

3. Features

       A beautiful woman lacking the qualities of femininity is like a plaster sculpture. When seeing it for the first time, it may look back and look again. Then everyone turned and left. No wise man thought of becoming the mother of his child. Well, it’s just a secret lady if he accidentally misses the registration as well, he will find a way to “escape” in the future.

       Qualifications consist of manners, speech, behavior, individual abilities. A wholesome expression of emotion and mind. Including all of these appropriate external manipulations that no one has with them innate. Everyone can look for themselves at all. 

The beautiful woman in the eyes of the wise is a woman who knows how to adjust her appearance to be appropriate, good mood, bright face, gentle and kind loving human friend. See the world in just good, forgive, praise, understand, and consider others. 

Every woman can become a beautiful woman even if she is not beautiful. But some women choose to be beautiful but not beautiful. So she was only a cheap plaster sculpture. Which the wise will look and ignore Or if they are married, the husband will leave to a “beautiful” woman.