Hazardous substances in whitening cream that should be avoided

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Whitening cream has been widely popular in East Asian countries. Especially Ufabet Thailand It will help reduce the amount of pigment in the skin. And make the skin clear up quickly But some white face creams may contain dangerous substances such as hydroquinone. Topical steroids and mercury, which these harmful substances adversely affect the skin. And how do we have a way to choose a whitening cream that is safe for the skin You can find answers in this article โปรโมชั่น ufabet.

Working principle of whitening cream

Usually, human skin contains an important pigment called melanin, made up of melanocyte skin cells, each containing the amount of melanin in the skin. Different It depends on race, heredity, hormones and exposure to sunlight  , all of which stimulate melanin production. Darkening of the skin Whitening creams are use to reduce the amount of melanin and make the skin look whiter. 

The ingredients in the whitening cream may contain natural extracts that often do not cause skin allergies or irritation. Such as Vitamin C, Beta Carotene (Beta Carotene), Licorice Extract (Licorice Extract) and pomegranate extract. To substances that are harmful to the skin and are prohibit Like hydroquinone and corticosteroids. (Corticosteroid) the use of whitening creams that contain these harmful substances. A prescription from a doctor is required only for the treatment of a specific skin disorder.

Hazardous substances in face creams that should be avoided

The harmful substances in many whitening creams can damage the skin and can be life threatening if used in large quantities or used over a long period of time without medical advice. Examples of harmful substances that are often found in whitening creams are:


Hydroquinone is a substance that has properties that inhibit skin pigmentation. Therefore, it is often use to treat skin problems that are darker than other areas of the skin such as freckles, age spots and acne marks. Some users of hydroquinone creams may feel a burning sensation. Or irritated skin But if used continuously for a long time, it may cause permanent melasma ( exogenous ochronosis ) and increase the risk of skin cancer.

In Thailand, hydroquinone is classified as a topical ointment for medical treatment. And was banned from wearing in commercially available cosmetic products. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prescribes that hydroquinone can be mixed with no more than 2% in melasma treatment products. In addition, pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use products containing hydroquinone. Winon This is because it may be absorb into the bloodstream and be harmful to the child.


Mercury is a substance that is cheap. It is commonly use in whitening cream to reduce dark spots on the skin. Inhibit the formation of skin pigment Make the skin color white The use of mercury-containing products may cause skin allergy, skin discoloration, skin thinning over long periods of time will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Causes kidney and nervous system damage. Mercury is a dangerous substance banned in many countries. Including in Thailand that is declare a prohibit substance under the Ministry of Public Health announcement year 2008 


Anabolic steroids Such as hydrocortisone ( Hydrocortisone ) has properties to slow down the skin cell turnover, making the skin white. It is often used in the treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, etc.  

However, prolonged use of high concentrations of steroids can cause allergic reactions, burning, thinning of the skin, and steroid acne. It should be used as directed by a doctor. Additionally, pregnant women should avoid using creams with high steroid concentrations. If a drug is needed, the one with a low to medium concentration should be chosen. And used for a short time only

The use of whitening creams is safe for your skin. Use as directed by your doctor and follow your doctor’s instructions strictly. You should not buy a whitening cream for your own use. Because in addition to being harmful to the skin It can also negatively affect the function of other organs in the body.

Safe shopping for skincare products

Before shopping for any whitening cream or skin care product, carefully read the label on the package. Do not use creams containing hydroquinone, mercury and steroids. If the product does not display a description of an ingredient The manufacturer’s name is not displayed. Or date of manufacture Avoid using that product. In case you suspect that the products you are using or you want to purchase contain dangerous substances or not. Can check the list of cosmetics according to the announcement of the Bureau of Cosmetics and Hazardous Substances Control at the website www.fda.moph.go.th Of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

However, those who have skin problems such as freckles or dark spots. Should consult a doctor for advice on product selection. Your doctor may also recommend alternative treatments, such as chemical peeling, mineral crystal exfoliation, and skin peeling. (Microdermabrasion) to remove skin cells, epidermis. In which the dead cells go out Or a laser treatment (Laser Treatment) that is suitable for the skin type

Using a moisturizer or skin lightening product is just one of the ways to fix lightening dark skin problems. But if you want your skin to be white and healthy Taking care of your skin on a regular basis with other methods is something that should not be ignored. Especially by applying sunscreen to protect the skin from UV rays If you have allergic reactions or unusual symptoms after using any cream or product, you should see a doctor for proper treatment.